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Service Charges
The National Co-operative Bank Service Charges effective from 1st April 2012.
No      Nature of service  Service Charges + ( Service tax @12.36% )
 1 Issuance of cheque book-S/B account After free 1st 60 leaves, next book of each 10 leaves @ Rs.10/- + S.T.1.00 = Rs.11.00
 2 Issuance of cheque book – CA/CC / OD account 1st chq book free, next chq books @ Rs.30/- + ST 3.70= Rs.34/- per book
 3 Issuance of duplicate Pass Book—S/B account Rs.55/-+6.80-=Rs.62/- for each year of entries
 4 Issuance of duplicate copy of statement of accounts-CA/CC/OD/Loan Rs.30/- + S.T.3.70-=Rs.34/- per page
 5 Issuance of Balance Confirmation Certificate Rs.15/- +S.T. 1.90= Rs.17/- per reference
 6 Stop Payment Notice—S/B
   --CA/ CC/OD
Rs.30/- + S.T.3.70=Rs.34/- per ref
Rs.60/-+ S.T.7.40= Rs.67/- per ref
 7 Closure of account—S/B -  C/A Rs.30/-+S.T.3.70 = Rs.34/- (within one year, thereafter 50% of the charge)
Rs.55/- +S.T.6.80=Rs.62/- (within 1 year thereafter 50% of the charge)
 8 Issuance of duplicate P.O. Same as duplicate DD
 9 Signature verification: S/B CA/CC/OD Rs.25/- + S.T. 3.10 = 28/-
Rs.30/- +S.T. 3.70 =Rs.34/-
10 Half-yearly incidental charges — CA/CC/OD Rs.300.00 + S.T. 37.10 =Rs. 337/-
11 Standing Instructions- S/B              CA/CC/OD Rs.35/-+ 4.30 =Rs.39/- per instruction
Rs.55/- + 6.80=Rs.62/- per instruction
12 Charge for not maintaining minimum balance :--- S/B --- C/A Rs.50/- + S.T. 6.20=Rs.56/- p.m.
Rs.100/- + S.T. 12.40=Rs.112/- p.m.
13 Passing of cheque against uncleared effect ( not to be allowed in S/B account) Interest @ 18% p.a. in CA/CC/OD on the amount allowed
14 Premature closure of term deposits Int @ 1% below the applicable rate
15 Late payment of RD installment Rs.1.25 per Rs.100/- p.m.
16 Issuance of duplicate term deposit receipt Rs.15/-+S.T.1.80=Rs.17/- per
17 clg  chq Return by us ( issued by our customer & returned) i)250/- + ST 31/- = Rs.281/- per instrument if cheque amount is less than Rs.1/- lakh,
ii)Rs.300/- + ST 37.10 = Rs.337/- per instrument if chq amount is between Rs.1/- lakh to 2/- lakhs
iii)If the cheque/s amount exceeds Rs.2/- lakhs, then interest @ 21% on the full amount of cheque/s for 2 days with minimum interest charges of Rs.400/- +ST @12.36% =Rs. 449/-
18 clg chq Return returned by other banks issued by their customer & deposited by our customer for clg& returned) Rs.125/- + ST 15.40 = Rs.140/- per instrument.
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