Other Services

Nomination of Deposits

THE NATIONAL CO-OP.BANK offers nomination facility in all deposit accounts opened by you as a individual . Bank also allows you to make a nomination if you are opening a current Account as a sole proprietory concern .The guidelines which are to be followed for making a nomination are given below:

  • You can nominate only one person per account.
  • You can also nominate a Minor .
  • Modification/change in nomination can be made subsequently also with the approval of all the account holders.

Death Claim Settlement

THE NATIONAL CO-OP.BANK LTD has simple procedure to settle the claim in favaour of the authorised claimant in case of death of the customer . It is done with minimum paperwork and in a minimum time limit .

Standing Instructions

Customer can instruct Bank to effect fund transfer at preset timings and amounts from your account.

The standing instructions can be used for:

  • Repayment of loan by deduction of installment at specific interval.
  • Payment of bills.
  • Transfer to recurring deposit accounts.
  • Payment of safe deposit rentals
  • Payment of salary
  • Inter A/c transfer of FD interest at stipulated intervals.

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